Who endorses the raw food diet for humans

By | May 4, 2021

who endorses the raw food diet for humans

Dear EarthTalk: A friend with many minor health problems recently switched to a diet of only raw plant foods and reports feeling much better. She also insists her new eating habits are better for the environment. Does this make sense or is the strange diet making her crazy? A raw foods diet typically consists of unprocessed foods that are not heated above degrees Fahrenheit so as to preserve nutrients otherwise lost during cooking. Proponents claim that besides losing weight and feeling more energetic, they are also avoiding the carcinogens introduced into foods by cooking and protecting the environment from drug- and chemical-dependent, water-wasting big-business agriculture. Some people do short spurts on the raw diet to cleanse their system of toxins, while others maintain a majority raw diet but do eat some cooked or processed foods. Diabetics can especially benefit from a raw foods diet, as shown in the film Simply Raw, which documents the trials and tribulations of six diabetes sufferers who go on a raw foods diet for one month and effectively cure themselves of their disease. While humans have been eating raw foods since they first began foraging for their sustenance, the diet really began to catch on in recent years when some high-profile celebrities began touting its health and weight maintenance benefits.

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This limits consumption to raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, all of which should be part of any healthy diet. The diet provides plenty of fiber. It contains no animal foods, although some followers consume raw milk, cheese made from raw milk, raw fish sashimi and some types of raw meat. Foods can be prepared by juicing, blending, dehydrating, soaking and sprouting. While the raw food diet is healthy in that it eliminates processed foods and fast foods and provides an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, it also presents a number of serious health risks. A study published in shows that vegetarians who eat only raw foods have abnormally low bone mass, a sign that they may be vulnerable to osteoporosis. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements is often discouraged with a raw food diet.

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