What to expect during mono diet cleansing

By | September 15, 2020

what to expect during mono diet cleansing

The monodiet is a favorite way of eating only one food. This is a contentious regime. The foods consumed in the mono-diet detox diet are cereals or plants rich in antioxidants and micronutrients. The monodiet consists of swallowing the same meals for three consecutive days. The food chosen can then be consumed at will during those 3 days. One food ought to be selected to not provide the digestive system any work. Water, tea and herbal teas are also available in this period and it is important to aim for a minimum consumption of 1. It is also to not be physically active in this period.

In a regular healthy diet, we should go out of our way to feed ourselves a wide variety of nutrients by eating all sorts of seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes etc. A mono-diet refers to eating just one type of food repeatedly for a designated time period, usually a minimum of days. When we give our body just one type of food, the body can produce less digestive enzymes. When the body is producing and utilizing less digestive enzymes, the body has plenty of extra energy to reallocate for all its natural cleansing processes. The mono-diet is the traditional Ayurvedic diet for detox and recovery but can be used anytime your body is run-down and needs to repair. The classical mono-diet healing dish of Ayurvedic healing is Kitchidi; a simple yet tasty stew of rice and mung beans, digestive spices, ghee and vegetables. Kitchidi is easy to make, delicious and makes the perfect mono-diet for a short home detox. The combination of rice and beans create dishes enjoyed by thousands of cultures and hundreds of nations every day.

When did you last indulge in your favorite piece of fruit and really devoted time to enjoy every bite? Have you ever tried to eat as many bananas, mangoes, melons or berries as you feel like in one go? The point is that trying to live on a mono diet a couple of times a week or even every day if you desire to do so, is a great, almost liberating experience from a nutritional standpoint. It can add an interesting spice to your eating habits when you’d normally combine a variety of foods to prepare a raw or cooked dish. Typically, eating as much of one of your favorite foods in one meal is defined as a mono diet. It is a different experience to combining various foods in one meal.

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