Watery diarrhea liquid diet

By | May 8, 2021

watery diarrhea liquid diet

While you may not feel up to guzzling down glass after glass, be sure to sip on water or another approved beverage as frequently as you can. Diarrhea usually isn’t a long-term issue, but it can present some day-to-day challenges while you’re dealing with it. Gould M, Sellin JH. Nyachuba DG. If you have diarrhea from a bacterial infection or condition like small bowel bacterial overgrowth SIBO, you may need to be prescribed antibiotics. Toward the end of pregnancy, diarrhea can even be an early sign of labor. Liquid diets can be followed for a long period of time, but they may be low in nutrients and fiber and may require additional supplements, notes the University of Maryland. A blender might work if you don’t have a food processor. Gastroenteritis in Children.

Anything with soluble fiber would probably help, really – so add bananas to your smoothies. If you’re lactose intolerant then obviously use something other than yogurt, or try taking lactase pills with each serving of dairy they’re cheap as hell at Target and Walmart. Curr Gastroenterol Rep. Related Articles. Add enough milk or broth and you have potato soup. Lack of Fiber. Additional symptoms include nausea, fatigue, abdominal pain, and flatulence.

Diet watery diarrhea liquid

You may need to follow a liquid diet prior to a medical procedure, while recovering from a gastrointestinal illness or immediately following surgery. Some forms of weight loss diets allow you to only consume liquid foods for awhile until you reach your goals. One side effect of a liquid diet may be thin stools, most likely resulting from the lack of fiber in your digestive tract. Follow your doctor’s instructions while on the liquid diet or inform him if you decide to follow this type of diet for weight loss. Let him know if you experience frequent thin stools; it could be related to another medical condition. These types of diets limit the kinds of foods you consume, leaving minimal residue in your digestive tract, an important factor for medical procedures.

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