Vegan diet nothing dies

By | April 23, 2021

vegan diet nothing dies

A toddler starved to death after his vegan parents fed him almost nothing but raw fruit and vegetables and at one point only breast milk for a week, despite his obviously weakening state. An autopsy found that the toddler died after suffering complications related to malnutrition, including dehydration, microsteatosis of liver and swelling of hands, feet and legs, Cape Coral police said in a statement. Paramedics arrived and pronounced the boy dead. Police later spoke with the couple and noted that two of their children, aged 3 and 5, were pale and yellowish in color, the News-Press reported. Authorities weighed the children and found they were in the very bottom weight range for their age. One of the children also had blackened teeth, indicating decay. That child reportedly visits her father for a few weeks every two months. Police said they believe that contributed her healthier appearance. She said that she also breast fed her toddler, adding that the toddler had not eaten solid food in a week and had only been breast fed.

Still am. Nothing latest veggie parents’ defense attorney, Karine Van Meirvenne, argued that the family’s story was more complicated. NBC News. Don’t let our healthy, happy, normal appearance fool you! Thanks for your thoughtful comment vegan for finding my blog. Raw veganism is a diet diet that involves no cooking. The raw diet could be dies healthful than the so-called S.

Nothing dies diet vegan

Local authorities believe his vegan lifestyle may have contributed to his unexpected death. I mean, come on, what is hummus anyway? The eggs? Like Like. Thanks for commenting. At the time I wrote this piece, she was on TWO national news networks blaming her eating disorder on veganism.

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