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What is wolf diet

Ever wondered what a wolf eats in the wild? Or a pack of wolves? What wolves predate on during each time of the year? What do wolves eat? During winter more deer are eaten by wolves. In spring the choices range more widely from large to small mammals, birds, and even fish. In summer wolves… Read More »

What is gray wolf diet grey wolf diet

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Owston’s palm civet C. Attacks also occur on the fleshy nose, the back and sides of the neck, the ears, and the perineum. Bay cat C. Least concern LC. Temperate coniferous forest. The gray wolf used to range throughout the U. Gray wolf, Canis lupus, also called timber wolf, largest… Read More »

What is the diet of a wolf

As these prey are so well adapted to protecting themselves, wolves feed upon vulnerable individuals, such as weak, sick, old, or young animals, or healthy animals hindered by deep snow. In a mild winter, deer will be healthier and wolves may not be able to wolf enough animals to feed diet. Biagi, Dolf. Wolves do… Read More »