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Virus surge claims brightest minds at Indian universities

SRINAGAR, India — Sajad Hassan sat at his professor’s hospital bedside for three nights, doing most of the talking as his friend and mentor breathed through an oxygen mask and struggled with a suspected COVID-19 infection. Both were confident the 48-year-old academic would be heading home soon, until a coronavirus test came back positive and… Read More »

Guide claims 100 virus cases on Everest

A coronavirus outbreak on Mount Everest has infected at least 100 climbers and support staff, according to an expert climbing guide. The estimate by Lukas Furtenbach of Austria comes amid official Nepalese denials of a COVID-19 cluster on the world’s highest peak. Furtenbach, who last week became the only prominent outfitter to halt his Everest… Read More »

Brazil death toll tops 250,000, virus still running rampant

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil’s COVID-19 death toll, which surpassed 250,000 on Thursday, is the world’s second-highest for the same reason its second wave has yet to fade: Prevention was never made a priority, experts say. Since the pandemic’s start, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro scoffed at the “little flu” and lambasted local leaders for imposing… Read More »