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Frog foam studied for use in slow drug delivery to help heal human skin

Breadcrumb Trail Links Health A antibacterial substance created by mating amphibians to protect fertilized eggs may help dispense medicine over time Author of the article: Shari Kulha A frog’s foam “balloon” encases fertilized eggs, securing the tadpoles’ safety for the first week of their lives. Photo by Getty Images Article content It’s not the topic… Read More »

Not So Fast Blaming Slow Metabolism for Midlife Weight Gain

Herman Pontzer, PhD, associate professor of evolutionary anthropology and global health, Duke University, Durham, NC. Science: “Daily energy expenditure through the human life course,” “Taking the long view on metabolism.” John R. Speakman, PhD, biologist, Energetics Research Group, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Timothy Rhoads, PhD, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison.… Read More »