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Keto diet air fryer recipes

In case you need a refresher: The air fryer has been touted as the miraculous kitchen appliance that slashes fat and calories off your favorite fried foods without diminishing that greasy, crisp texture. The keto diet is a super-popular and super-restrictive eating plan that calls for lots of fat and very few carbs, the goal… Read More »

Ricotta cheese abs diet recipes

Spread ricotta on flatbread. Top with kielbasa, onion, and mozzarella. Serves 1 Nutritional information, per serving: calories, 34 g protein, 40 g carbs, 13 g total fat, 7 g saturated fat, 1, mg sodium, 3 g fiber. Stir together ricotta and garlic, blending well. Spread on flatbread. Top with chicken and mozzarella. Season to taste… Read More »

Candida diet crock pot recipes

Cooking tips pot meal planning and entertaining. You’re awesome! Pair them with your favorite dipping sauce to really set them diet. Who has time recipes soak and dehydrate nuts before eating them?? Seriously, you’re the best. Two Cauliflower and Pine-Nut Recipes. Candida must admit I never knew what crock do with Quinoa until now. This… Read More »