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Journalist Accuses WHO of Plan to Commit Mass Murder

This article was previously published July 23, 2009, and has been updated with new information. In 2009 Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister1 filed criminal charges against the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials, including Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, charging them with bioterrorism… Read More »

A Doctor Explains Why Joe Rogan’s Covid Treatment Plan Doesn’t Make Sense

When comedian and mega-podcaster Joe Rogan announced yesterday that he’d contracted Covid over the weekend, he quickly segued into talking about how he’d treated the infection. “We immediately threw the kitchen sink at it—all kinds of meds,” he said. The list included Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic that’s been controversially and contrary to evidence hyped as a… Read More »

Easy balanced diet plan

Close Close Login. Every plan includes three meals and three snacks to keep you feeling satisfied all day long. Red meat and the risk of bowel cancer What is a Mediterranean diet? Federal government websites always use a. This means your meals should be based on these foods. Acme Food Arts Getty Images. Find out… Read More »