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What You Should Know About The Paleo Diet

Human beings have subsisted on meat, fish, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables — or whatever they could hunt, fish, or gather — for the vast majority of their existence. The agricultural revolution marked a radical shift in the human diet, as people added grains, legumes, and dairy products to their plates. The industrial revolution, which… Read More »

Paleo diet stuck at same weight

This post is for you! What does that have anything to do with weight loss? But i will say that the diet itself changed my life partially because I was so friggen sick before from the celiac. Did anyone else experience this? The best way to lose weight consisently on paleo as a woman is… Read More »

How much fat to eat on paleo diet

Since you use stored and dietary fat for energy while in ketosis and the body becomes very efficient with running on fat, you easily stay lean and have a steady flow of energy. This translates to about a fourth to a third of the plate, depending on your individual needs. Paleolithic nutrition for metabolic syndrome:… Read More »

Can you eat sprouted bread on paleo diet

By the way, this includes ancient grains beloved by healthy types, like farro and quinoa. A stuffed cinnamon roll, of course! The short answer is, no, but read further to get an explanation for this and what many are doing about it. By Loren Cordain, Ph. Cardiovascular Disease. This dish is pure Paleo and will… Read More »