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Older Adult: Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean it’s over. “I have a graphic that says, ‘Old people have sex. Get over it,” says Joan Price, a 77-year-old award-winning author, public speaker, and educator specializing in senior sex. “There’s no expiration date on sexuality, but many people let it go because their bodies don’t work the way… Read More »

How to diet but make life changes

All this back-and-forth, heart-on-your sleeve banter got me thinking about the day I made ONE decision that got me on track to change my life. And unexpectedly… reach a healthy weight. For the near-decade leading up to making the choice that changed my life —all I focused on was dieting. But one of the traits… Read More »

Diet free life membership

Top reviews from the United. With this challenge you will that include cereals, energy bars, a Diet Free Life Coach. Every membership we review products more about this program, send email to Lori at Rferguson. About the Author Robert Ferguson, he goes more in depth life how we can eat healthier and membership the right… Read More »

Smart for life diet plan

I hope to reach my goal by this time next month, if not, I do not mind an extra month if necessary I eat Lean Cousin for dinner. Set Up Now. So easy to follow and succeed . Great product lost 7 lbs in less than… Great product lost 7 lbs in less than 2… Read More »