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Fit Summer week four: If you want to be truly fit, just follow my food rules. You will be amazed at how your life will improve

Over the Fit Summer series we chatted about the diet industry being lucrative and it’s true. A study has shown that on average it will cost a person €90 to €180 to lose two pounds while attending a slimming group. hen we consider the multiple attempts people make, some end up spending thousands of euro… Read More »

Journalists Follow Up on Unused Vaccines and For-Profit Medical Schools

KHN correspondent Rachana Pradhan discussed the politics of unused Johnson & Johnson covid vaccines and the FDA’s potential announcement that their shelf life can be extended on Newsy on June 11. KHN reporter Victoria Knight discussed for-profit medical schools on Montana Public Radio on June 10. Related Topics Contact Us Submit a Story Tip Kaiser… Read More »

How to follow a ketogenic diet

Staying Healthy Healthy Eating Nutrition. June 29, If you’re just starting, check out this Keto Diet Plan for week 1 so you can get started on the right foot! In most cases, people use the keto diet to lose fat. Although there are no strong clinical trials testing this hypothesis, here are three fairly typical… Read More »

A heart healthy diet to follow

To help you keep it all straight — and understand the reasoning behind the recommendations — here are 10 simple rules for a heart healthy diet. American Heart Association Preventing Heart Disease — How to prevent cardiovascular disease with healthy lifestyle changes. But don’t let it turn into an excuse for giving up on your… Read More »