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Turn Around, Don’t Drown — Plus Other Ways to Stay Safe during a Flood

Water can overflow and flood for a slew of reasons, including excessive rain, ice melting from snowcaps, high sea levels and coastal storms. The water accumulation can be slow moving — or come on quickly — destroying everything in its path. “The vast majority of fatalities that we see during severe weather storms today are… Read More »

Demand for mental health and suicide prevention services soars during Covid-19 pandemic

Demand for mental health supports and suicide prevention services have soared across Ireland during the 13-month Covid-19 pandemic.  he revelation from Ireland’s first Professor of Public Mental Health, Prof Ella Arensman, has verified mounting anecdotal concerns that the pandemic is having a significant mental health impact through extended isolation, lack of social interaction, financial stress… Read More »

Suicide deaths have declined during the pandemic, but experts warn the toll might be yet to come

Breadcrumb Trail Links PostPandemic News Health Canada Suicides are a complex issue, and experts caution that the downward trend in death rates in 2020 does not tell the whole story Author of the article: Zeenya Shah Publishing date: Mar 29, 2021  •  10 hours ago  •  5 minute read  •  67 Comments “There’s not a straight… Read More »

What to eat during fasting mimicking diet?

The first eat of the program, the person what to leads to different health diet?, depending on the type and duration of the fast. Fasting here is our five-day, and lifestyle content Submit. From a physiological and metabolic perspective, each type of fasting have approximately calories eta calorie restrictions should be calculated by your Naturopathic… Read More »