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Impulsan monitores de glucosa aunque no ayudarían a muchos pacientes con diabetes

SOBRE NOTICIAS EN ESPAÑOL Noticias en español es una sección de Kaiser Health News que contiene traducciones de artículos de gran interés para la comunidad hispanohablante, y contenido original enfocado en la población hispana que vive en los Estados Unidos. Use Nuestro Contenido Este contenido puede usarse de manera gratuita (detalles). En la batalla de… Read More »

Client centered goals for diabetes diet education

Patient adherence to prescribed therapies. The new program would allow evaluation of a patient-centered approach, while offering the opportunity to test value-based principles that would affect the private practice as it transitioned to risk-based reimbursement. Patients who are receiving insulin attend monthly evaluations; however, A1C is measured quarterly. Physician Quality Reporting System. After review of… Read More »

Healthy diet for pregnancy diabetes

Blood sugar control during pregnancy is important for your health and the health of your baby. The following tips will help you control your blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Carbohydrates in food turn into sugar also called glucose when digested. Glucose is important for you and your baby, but too much glucose in your blood… Read More »

Diabetes isnt cured by diet

Isnt is a conundrum and is really messing with my belief that “Type II” is not high levels of diet soda blood presure disease and is an easily managed diabetes Last week I went on the hcg diet with int a day. It is the more common of the two main types. Diabetics require a… Read More »