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A Strong Coffee 30 Minutes Before Exercise Helps to Boost Fat Burning

Researchers have revealed that approximately 3 mg/kg of caffeine, or roughly the same as a strong coffee, consumed 30 minutes prior to aerobic exercise enhances the rate of fat-burning substantially. They also discovered that the effects of the caffeine are more pronounced when exercising in the afternoon compared to exercising in the morning.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI:… Read More »

Swap out your daily cup of tea or coffee for matcha tea to boost your health – Liz Earle

A temporary increase in heart rate is usually what’s at play when energy expenditure is increased without exercise. Is it safe to drink matcha green tea every day? According to Holland and Barrett, it’s perfectly safe to drink matcha tea every day. “If you’re pregnant or sensitive to caffeine, you should keep an eye on… Read More »