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Restricted diet protein for cats

You probably already know that cats usually need more protein in their diet, and not less. So, why would we be discussing low protein cat foods? Actually, there are some situations when, for health reasons, a cat might benefit from eating a lower protein diet. Sometimes a veterinarian might prescribe a low protein cat food… Read More »

Condensed milk liquid diet for cats

This should not contain any salt or oil. We are surprised and perplexed by the sudden increase in kidney values and sudden decrease in eating. This is most commonly found in kittens because it causes dehydration. As with almonds, coconuts have a high amount of oil and fat. Inside the gut, milk allergies show up… Read More »

What diet is best for older cats

If you do need them to shift a few pounds, there for weight loss cat foods that specialize in helping them do this healthily. He discovered that the more protein that best restricted caused these kitties older become even sicker. Several Purina brands offer diet specifically developed to meet didt needs of older cats. If… Read More »

High protein diet for cats

This delicious cat food is a specially formulated carnivorous diet designed particularly to serve your cat the high protein, low carbohydrate nutrition it needs. Within a couple of hours or less, the bladder is usually full enough to obtain a urine sample via cystocentesis. Most cat owners feed commercially produced dry kibble cat food. Repeat… Read More »