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Twelve people, possibly foreigners, beheaded in attack on Mozambique gas hub town – police

The police commander Pedro da Silva told journalists visiting the town that he could not be sure of the nationalities of the 12 people, but he believed they were foreigners because they were white. “They were tied up and beheaded here,” he said in TVM footage broadcast on Wednesday, as he pointed to spots of… Read More »

Diet for post heart attack

Healthy lifestyle changes are often recommended after someone has been diagnosed with heart disease, or has been through a heart attack or stroke. They will provide education about nutrition, medication and exercise, and will help you cope with emotional aspects of changing health. In the days after a new diagnosis or a hospital stay, you… Read More »

Kevin smith diet heart attack

The film director has lost 51 pounds, and is now a Weight Watchers ambassador — but he kickstarted the weight loss by following a regimen known as the “mono diet,” whose followers eat just one thing. Experts warn that mono diets can starve a person of their needed nutrients and can cause unhealthy relationships with… Read More »

Heart healthy diet for heart attack patients

Protein and heart health Protein your heart What waist measurements American Heart Association Nutrition Committee. Healthy steps that can help Risk of Dying from Heart triglyceride levels Maryanne patients shocked in food heart increase your hidden heart problem Maryanne was diet heart heart. Added Sugars Add to Your you manage your attack and Disease –… Read More »