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Diet plateau after 3 weeks

Think of it like this: if you do 10 push-ups after not working out for months, you will be sore, but if you do 10 push-ups a day for 10 days in a row, you will no longer be sore. Don’t get discouraged. Summer was definitely my highest weight ever in my life, probably reached… Read More »

Soft food keto diet after surgery

Disclaimer: This website surgery blog does diet provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Kristen Fleming I am a U. You zurgery soothe your aching food and work on stabilizing your gut health after making smoothies with tons of probiotic-rich yogurt. First thing we should recognize is that every diet has its purpose. Nikki Midland Nikki… Read More »

What to eat after full liquid diet

A full liquid diet is a middle step between a clear liquid diet and eating solid foods. A clear liquid diet allows only liquids you can see through. A full liquid diet allows thicker, liquid foods as listed below. It can be anything that is liquid at room temperature. The full liquid diet may be… Read More »