Snake diet salt water giving me diarrhea

By | September 5, 2020

snake diet salt water giving me diarrhea

Fortunately, this is a rare condition when used in the proper clinical setting. I believe my mineral levels are very good as I am on a strict keto diet and take minerals. Free fatty acids were high expected during fasting. The goal is to get your body into ketosis. Blood sugars and cholesterols were normal. June 3, Follow Metro. The common currency in our bodies is not calories — guess what it is? Do you have trouble losing weight?

If you insist on supplementing with those then just dial them back until the diarrhea stops. Oh, and add Potassium too. Thank you for this post! I just ate 2 fried eggs after 92 hour fast. Surprisingly – fine. Then, not fine. Gross detail – it was like all yellow liquid!! My sins?

Have you heard of the Snake Diet? Does it ask you to drink snake juice?! Here, a registered dietitian addresses the hyped-up fad diet with the sinister name. A big part of my job as a dietitian and health coach is to demystify food trends and field questions about the latest health crazes and fad diets cropping up online. I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about the Snake Diet. Heard of it? Wondering what in the world this is and if it has you eating snakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a side of snake juice?

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