Low carb high proteiniquid diet

By | July 29, 2020

low carb high proteiniquid diet

You may have heard of a clear liquid diet, where you only drink things like water, tea, and broth. A full liquid diet is similar, but it includes all foods that are liquid or will turn to liquid at room temperature, or melt at body temperature. It gives you more nutrition than a clear liquid diet. It also allows your body to heal from a procedure. Most people will only need to follow a full liquid diet for short periods of time, such as five days to two weeks. As mentioned above, you may eat foods that are liquid or turn liquid at room temperature on a full liquid diet. These foods contain little to no fiber or protein, so they give your digestive system a break. You may need to eat more than the three standard meals a day to get in all your calories and nutrients on a full liquid diet. Try eating six to eight times throughout the day with a variety of liquids and strained or blended foods.

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While on a liquid meal plan, you get your nutrition from liquids and foods that have a smooth, liquid consistency. Your doctor prescribes this type of eating plan for various reasons. It’s commonly used to promote weight loss before bariatric surgery, to rest the digestive system during recovery from bariatric surgery and to treat obesity when other diets have failed. It’s also used during recovery after stomach or intestinal surgery. Only undertake a liquid diet under your doctor’s advice, supervision and instruction. The amount of protein you need on a liquid diet varies depending on the reason your physician prescribed this type of eating plan for you. Doctors commonly recommend high protein if you’ve been prescribed a liquid diet for weight loss. A typical recommendation is to consume 80 grams if you’re male and 65 grams if you’re female, according to Missouri Bariatric Services.

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