Kevin smith diet heart attack

By | March 1, 2021

kevin smith diet heart attack

The film director has lost 51 pounds, and is now a Weight Watchers ambassador — but he kickstarted the weight loss by following a regimen known as the “mono diet,” whose followers eat just one thing. Experts warn that mono diets can starve a person of their needed nutrients and can cause unhealthy relationships with food. Still, Kevin says he used this path successfully a building block to his weight loss. When I went to my Doctor a week later, she told me ‘The best thing you can do for yourself now is to lose 50 pounds. My hope now is I can slowly lose another 10 with weightwatchers and get down to my birth weight of ! I wanna thank pennjillette for his book presto, raycronise for getting me started with his potato famine, and the good folks at weightwatchers for their app-based program that made it easy to keep track of and control my eating! Since I never wanted to see the inside of a hospital ever again, I simply copied the Kid. But mostly, I wanna thank all of you as well – for the kind and encouraging words along the way.

Soon after suffering a major heart attack in February, the director became a Weight Watchers ambassador. The other film-makers in his indie clique — Tarantino, Rodriguez and Richard Linklater — made good-looking movies when they won bigger budgets. The widowmaker. Director Kevin Smith took to social media Sunday to share that he has lost 51 pounds after his heart attack. Yet he sees his career with clarity. Never underestimate the power of positive feedback: you folks telling me I looked better or healthier helped me stick with it. His biography — not his films — is becoming his legacy. Smith is willing to work hard and keep evolving.

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The weight loss was wise, seeing his genetic predisposition. My hope now is I can slowly lose another 10 with weightwatchers and get down to my birth weight of ! You used to have, like, a lot of cushion for the pushing. The last movie I will have made was Yoga Hosers. He always orders the same meal, Mondo Nachos and a Beyond Burger, for which Smith, ever mindful of WW points, will bring his own pita flatbread. The 64 Most Unique Gifts for Guys. I think he was undereducated. As Smith looks forward, the only thing he fears is losing fear itself.

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