Ketogenic diet lack of bowel movements

By | November 14, 2020

ketogenic diet lack of bowel movements

The ketogenic diet, more commonly called the keto diet, involves a severely restricted carbohydrate intake. People who follow the keto diet compensate for this reduction in carbohydrates by increasing their intake of high fat foods and eating moderate amounts of protein. These dietary adjustments can sometimes cause mild constipation. Keep reading to learn more about the keto diet, including how it may cause constipation and how to treat it. When people think of carbohydrates, they often picture grain-based foods, such as bread and pasta. The main types of carbohydrates in food include sugar, starch, and fiber, which are present in fruits, vegetables, and grains. The term carbohydrate refers to a group of molecules that cells can break down into a simple sugar called glucose. People who follow the keto diet consume very small quantities of carbohydrates, usually limiting the intake to less than 50 grams g per day. This restricted intake means that their body will need an alternative source of energy.

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Whenever you make changes to the way you eat, you can expect to experience some changes in digestion. Many people on low-carb diets experience constipation when they first make the change, but it usually gets better with time. Constipation can be caused by factors other than your diet.

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