Is diet pepsi vegan

By | August 5, 2020

is diet pepsi vegan

Be the first to comment Leave a Comment. Older Posts. Here diet the ingredients: Carbonated water Caramel color Phosphoric acid Potassium benzoate Sucralose Acesulfame potassium Caffeine Natural flavor Citric acid Need help figuring out what some of these things actually are? Both water and carbon dioxide are vegan, of course. Mirror Online requested the same information but has yet to have a reply. We do not actively diet out information from our ingredients suppliers regarding their suitability for Halal or Vegan diets, however if this is pepsi by the supplier we will keep this data on file. Ks a comment. Connect pepsi us. The standard Pepsi and Pepsi Max drinks are vegan.

Is Diet Pepsi Vegan? The official company website for all of the Pepsi brands has the nutrition information for Diet Pepsi. July 28, Many people have allergies to eggs or dairy and some people avoid specific animal products for religious reasons. Powered by Shopify with Colors. Connect with us. Does Pepsi contain alcohol? Best before dates are shown on all of our products to make sure you get to enjoy them at their very best. There is some concern about sugar from a vegan perspective, as some sugar is made using bone char burned animal bones!

Apparently it’s considered “commercially sensitive information”. Worried drinkers are quite disturbed by the fact the drink is unsuitable for those who abstain from meat and dairy. A spokeswoman for the manufacturer refused to tell Metro what the peculiar non-vegan ingredient used is. Mirror Online requested the same information but has yet to have a reply. Britvic, meanwhile, which produces and distributes Pepsi in the UK, also said that Diet Pepsi isn’t suitable for vegan consumers. Previous investigations have found that some fizzy drinks contain the likes of fish, beef, or pork gelatine, which are avoided and prohibited by some religions. Subscriptions Sign Out.

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