How to diet as a college student

By | September 24, 2020

how to diet as a college student

With unfettered access to buffet-style dining halls, campus sundae bars, late-night food delivery, and cheap ramen, it’s no surprise that so many students gain weight when they go to college. A nutritional study of public university freshman found that one in four students gained 10 pounds or more in their first year on campus. The study monitored each student’s consumption habits and, predictably, the students who gained the most weight ate fewer fruits and vegetables, indulged in fattier foods, and slept less than students who did not gain weight. A steady diet of pizza and cheeseburgers can lead to more than just a few extra pounds: poor eating is also associated with lower grades, susceptibility to illness, and increased fatigue. Other side effects include a higher risk of depression, anxiety, irritability, difficulty concentrating, menstrual problems, and sleep disturbances. Ultimately, fast food and unhealthy snacks simply don’t provide you with the nutrition you need to perform well in school. Developing a balanced and nutritional diet at a young age can both enhance your academic performance and prepare you for a lifetime of healthy eating. Nutrition may be less confusing when reduced to its fundamental building blocks. Foods can be broken into five distinct food groups, each serving a distinct purpose. Understanding how these food groups affect your body can help you determine what, and how much, you should eat.

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