Gaps diet meal plans dr ben lynch

By | October 13, 2020

gaps diet meal plans dr ben lynch

In early May I had the great pleasure to speak with Dr. I found the show with Dr. Lynch to be extremely informative and I am going to have to listen to this show numerous times to get it because Dr. Lynch shared a great deal of information. In this post I will share a timeline on our discussion so that you can jump to an area which may be of interest to you. This show is pretty long and we covered a lot of information so you may want to listen to it a bit at a time. Please remember that you can easily download the show to your computer and then transfer to a MP3 player, smart phone, or if you just have it on your computer — it’s a lot easier to keep track of where you were listening so you can start there the next time you have a chance to listen. You will need to visit the Blog Talk Radio show site directly using this link, right click on the link under the player and right-click on Download this episode.

Thanks for the invite. I was reading further about epigenetics. I saw the tale of two mice about how these mice were genetically basically bred and selected to have cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. They had the genes for it. They were getting it obviously. The researchers needed the mice to get those diseases so they could try different drugs, which was interesting. What if I gave them additional nutrients in their food and that was the only intervention? With these nutrients, they did not get these conditions. That led me to believe and she opened up further massive inquiries with a bunch of other researchers and to this day, the whole field of epigenetics.

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