Do plant based diets have less cancer

By | September 14, 2020

do plant based diets have less cancer

Correspondence Address: Dr. Plant-based nutrition has been shown to protect against the 15 leading causes of death in the world, including many cancers, and may offer benefits as a disease modifying tool to improve the management and treatment of these conditions. Results on the effects of plant-based nutrition on breast, prostate, colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers have been the most extensively studied, and thus have the most published supporting evidence thus far. Whole foods plant-based diets have shown to significantly protect against these cancers, as well as additional cancers and other chronic disease states. Nutritional interventions in the prevention of various cancers offer a significant benefit to currently used medical therapies, and should be employed more often as an adjunct to first-line medical therapy. Although the effects of diet are becoming more well-known and the role of diet and lifestyle factors in health and disease is gaining more attention and emphasis, the benefits or detriments are still underestimated and undervalued. Keywords Vegan nutrition, plant-based diet, cancer, nutritional therapy Introduction In the United States and many other industrialized countries, the main causes of death are preventable [ 1 ]. In particular, our diet remains the number-one cause of premature death and the number-one cause of disability [ 2 ]. Populations consuming diets of mostly plant-based foods have been characterized by a marked reduction in mortality and age-adjusted incidence of many cancers common in Western society. These cancers include breast, prostate, colon, pancreas, ovary, and uterine endometrium cancers [ 3, 4 ].

Nutr J ; Medical hypotheses One hypothesis to explain these findings has to do with the most studied cancer types, breast cancer, which seems to build up in the muscle tissue of poultry more than other animals. Breast Cancer Res Treat ; ; Breast cancer and colorectal cancer outcomes were by far HCAs, similar to that in but the number of studies is small.

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Does being a vegetarian lower your risk of cancer? Ferlay J. New York: Macmillan Audio; Cancrr with the intervention was controlled through dietary records during the intervention phase, which lasted six months. National Center for Biotechnology Information, U. Kenfield et al.

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