1 diet drink a day strokes

By | April 10, 2021

1 diet drink a day strokes

Among post-menopausal women, drinking multiple diet drinks daily was associated with an increase in the risk of having a stroke caused by a blocked artery, especially small arteries, according to research published in Stroke, a journal of the American Heart Association. This is one of the first studies to look at the association between drinking artificially sweetened beverages and the risk of specific types of stroke in a large, racially diverse group of post-menopausal women. While this study identifies an association between diet drinks and stroke, it does not prove cause and effect because it was an observational study based on self-reported information about diet drink consumption. Compared with women who consumed diet drinks less than once a week or not at all, women who consumed two or more artificially sweetened beverages per day were. Researchers found risks were higher for certain women. Heavy intake of diet drinks, defined as two or more times daily, more than doubled stroke risk in. Our research and other observational studies have shown that artificially sweetened beverages may not be harmless and high consumption is associated with a higher risk of stroke and heart disease,” said Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani, Ph. Researchers analyzed data on 81, postmenopausal women age years at the start participating in the Women’s Health Initiative study that tracked health outcomes for an average of At their three-year evaluation, the women reported how often in the previous three months they had consumed diet drinks such as low calorie, artificially sweetened colas, sodas and fruit drinks.

I went on a bit of a health kick a few years ago and gave up sugar, caffeine and alcohol for a couple of months. View all the latest top news in the environmental sciences, or browse strokes topics below. Yes, you heard right. Three strokfs later the FDA Commissioner resigned and went vegan diet causing rash work for the makers of aspartame. Are they doing something to our gut drink and diet I think switching to caffeine free diet coke. I am a physician, i know of what i speak. This talks about aspartame day saccharine.

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People who consume diet drinks every day are almost three times more likely to suffer a stroke or dementia, research suggests. Having at least one diet drink a day increased the risk compared to consuming less than one diet drink a week, a study found. Due to the fact that the study is observational and based on food questionnaires, they said further studies are needed on the links between drinks, dementia and stroke. The new research, published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke, is based on data for more than 4, people taking part in the Framingham Heart Study. Those in the stroke arm of the study were over the age of 45, while those in the dementia arm were over All participants filled in questionnaires on their food and drink intake at three separate points during the s. Researchers then followed the group for 10 years, noting 97 cases of stroke during that period, and 81 cases of dementia 63 cases were specifically Alzheimer’s disease. After adjusting for factors that could influence the results, such as age, sex, education, calorie intake, exercise and smoking, people who had at least one diet drink a day had an almost three times increased risk of dementia or stroke.

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